Step 1: Consultation

We will schedule a time to meet and have a consultation.

In the consultation, we will discuss:

  • Your eating patterns (time of day, types of food you consume)
  • Food allergies, sensitivities and restrictions
  • Foods you like and dislike
  • Any medical concerns
  • Previous diets and foods that have or haven’t worked for you
  • Your kitchen design and equipment
  • Food storage and how to properly reheat foods
  • Proper cleaning and waste handling
  • Frequency of service/contract

In between the consultation and cooking day, I will plan your menu based on your questionnaire and any dietary needs. Do you have a favorite or family recipe that you no longer can eat because of certain ingredients? Let me see if I can do a recipe “makeover” so that you can enjoy it again.

While I am not a medical professional, I will be happy to work with your doctor, dietitian, personal trainer or any other professional to help create your menu.

*Consultation fee and Cooking fee is due at this time. 

Step 2: Menu Development

During this time, I will put together your menu based on your preferences and questionnaire answers.  Once your menu is completed, I will email you a copy for your review and feedback, and we will set the cooking day. 

Step 3: Cooking Day

On your scheduled cooking day, I will do the grocery shopping by selecting the freshest ingredients with special attention to produce, dairy, meats, poultry and seafood. If you prefer, I will purchase all organic. I will prepare and cook your meals in your home to ensure the quality and freshness of your food. Your food will be neatly packed, labeled and properly stored according to your preferences. I will also leave directions for reheating.

The best part? I will leave your kitchen clean with aromas of delicious, home cooked food.

*Please note, your groceries will be invoiced separately and will be due at time of receipt. Also, pre-payment for the next cook day is due and will be invoiced along with the groceries.

Step 4: Enjoy!

Since all of the food will have been purchased, prepped, cooked and packaged, you can enjoy your meals knowing that all of the work has been done for you. It’s a win win for all!