Advantages of a Personal Chef

A Personal Chef is a chef that prepares meals customized for you in your kitchen based on your needs and preferences. Depending on the client, the service can be done weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or on an as needed basis.

How can you benefit from a Personal Chef?

Knowledge: Having a Personal Chef in your home means you will have someone with food knowledge and culinary experience cooking customized meals for you and your family.

Convenience: Busy day? Skip the to go line. Personal Chefs will not only reduce your stress, but will ensure that you and your family will be eating healthy after a long day.

Fresh: How many times have you purchased food at the grocery store just for it to go to waste? A Personal Chef will provide the right amount of fresh food and quality ingredients for each meal. Don’t forget. A Personal Chef is a professional and knows the best ingredients to for the best tasting meal. You can also say good-bye to processed or packaged food when you hire a Personal Chef.

Variety: Go around the world in one week….well kind off. Try new, expertly prepared recipes from a variety of cuisines. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a variety of palate-pleasing meals?

Time: Convenience we get. Saving time? Even better. Skip meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking AND cleaning when you hire a Personal Chef. 

Health: Diets, allergies, food sensitivities – the list of health benefits from hiring a Personal Chef is extensive. Not only can a Personal Chef prepare foods specifically for your diet, chronic disease, etc., but just the ease of having someone to help may also improve your health.

Additional Services:

Grocery Shopping Tour: The grocery shopping tour is perfect for those who want to learn how to navigate the grocery store and learn how to buy healthy foods. Pick a grocery store of your choice and learn how to read food labels, pick out fresh foods, and most importantly, learn what foods to purchase to get you on a better health and lifestyle track.

Kitchen “Detox”: To detox your body, you must first start by detoxing your kitchen. We will start by cleaning out your pantry, refrigerator and freezer to get rid of foods that you no longer want to include in your diet. As we begin the kitchen detox, prepare to learn why certain foods need to be removed from your life, and why certain foods should always be a part of it.

Baking: Do you need a special dessert due to food allergies/restrictions, or have a guest that has food allergies? I can take care of that for you by discussing with you what you would like prepared, do the grocery shopping, bake it in your home and present it how you need it for the occasion.  

Private Dinners and Parties: Want to plan a special evening at home with that special someone? Do you have a small celebration with family or friends that you would like personalized and have the meals custom prepared for you and your family? Let me help you make both the meal and evening special as well as memorable. 

Menu Planning Guidance: Do you enjoy cooking, are on a new lifestyle journey and need some guidance but don’t know where to begin? Did you start a new diet, but you are overwhelmed with what choices to make and recipes to find, but want to cook them yourself?  Let’s schedule an initial consultation so that we can discuss your needs and preferences. On a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, I will send you a menu complete with recipes and a grocery shopping list! 

Besides cooking, my passion is helping others. No matter your needs, I am here to help. Let’s talk!