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“Five Stars!”

I cannot say enough great things about Jess. She offers a wonderful service. The food is healthy and always delicious! She really pays attention to detail and can work with any diet plan. She goes above and beyond to make sure your meals are prepared properly and you enjoy them. Her prices are reasonable and affordable. She can do anything from meals for you and your family to events for you and your staff.


Our family has really enjoyed working with Jess. Her meals are delicious, healthy and always creative. Jess is also a person our entire family enjoys spending time with on a weekly basis while she prepares our meals. We would strongly recommend Jess to anyone who is interested in having a quality chef prepare amazing “while healthy” meals for their family.


Jess has been making meals for my family and I for a few months now. We rely on meal prep to keep us healthy and properly fueled in our very busy lives and we’ve tried all of the home delivery services out there! I can say, without hesitation, the freshly prepared and thoughtful meals that we get from Jess at The Running Fork far surpass any delivery service we’ve ever tried. We are (MOSTLY) paleo, which can be difficult to maintain on a busy schedule, but she takes all of our nutrition requests into careful consideration and keeps us right on track! I never have to worry about where she is sourcing her ingredients and I love being involved in the menu decisions which she tailors precisely to my family. The convenience of having meals prepped and ready to go is invaluable. BUT they also taste AMAZING. Like so good we forget we’re eating healthy food!!!


Great add to the community, especially if you are military or a postpartum mother with limited support. YOU NEED this! The fourth trimester can be overwhelming and as mothers it’s important to nourish your body for healing so you can focus more on bonding with your baby. With Jessica’s personal chef experience and her experience as witnessing the demand of motherhood by being a child of 5, she can help execute your every need within these fragile times! Don’t put it off, prepare to have a plan so you don’t reach for the bad stuff!

Natasha (Earthbound Therapeutics)

I’ve known Jess for many years. Her attention to detail and quality is second to none!