Personal Chef Services

Are you interested in my services, but don’t know where to begin? Check out my 4-step process to help you get started.

Step 1:


Step 2:

Menu Development

Step 3:

Cooking Day

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How it Works

My personal chef services are here to make your life easier and healthier! I get it, you are tired of trying to come up with meals only to find yourself heading to the nearest fast food place or restaurant. You want to eat healthier, but it can be so overwhelming or even difficult to find recipes, you actually enjoy, for your special diet needs. Not to mention the grocery shopping, prep and clean-up! I have you covered!

I will work with you on a personalized plan that meets your dietary needs, or perhaps even gives you that something extra you’ve been missing at mealtime. I have a 4-step process:

Consultation, Menu Development, Cooking Day, and the best part, Enjoy! It is outlined below to get you started.

Additional Services

  • Online Meal Planning and Guidance

  • Boutique Catering

  • Cooking Classes

  • Kitchen “Detox”

  • Grocery Shopping Tour

Step 1: Consultation

We will schedule a time to meet and have a consultation.

In the consultation, we will discuss:

  • Your eating patterns (time of day, types of food you consume)
  • Food allergies, sensitivities and restrictions
  • Foods you like and dislike
  • Any medical concerns
  • Previous diets and foods that have or haven’t worked for you
  • Your kitchen design and equipment
  • Food storage and how to properly reheat foods
  • Proper cleaning and waste handling
  • Frequency of service/contract

In between the consultation and cooking day, I will plan your menu based on your questionnaire and any dietary needs. Do you have a favorite or family recipe that you no longer can eat because of certain ingredients? Let me see if I can do a recipe “makeover” so that you can enjoy it again.

While I am not a medical professional, I will be happy to work with your doctor, dietitian, personal trainer or any other professional to help create your menu.

*Consultation fee and Cooking fee is due at this time.

Step 2: Menu Development

During this time, I will put together your menu based on your preferences and questionnaire answers. Once your menu is completed, I will email you a copy for your review and feedback, and we will set the cooking day.

Step 3: Cooking Day

On your scheduled cooking day, I will do the grocery shopping by selecting the freshest ingredients with special attention to produce, dairy, meats, poultry and seafood. If you prefer, I will purchase all organic. I will prepare and cook your meals in your home to ensure the quality and freshness of your food. Your food will be neatly packed, labeled and properly stored according to your preferences. I will also leave directions for reheating.

The best part? I will leave your kitchen clean with aromas of delicious, home cooked food.

*Please note, your groceries will be invoiced separately and will be due at time of receipt.

Step 4: Enjoy!

Since all of the food will have been purchased, prepped, cooked and packaged, you can enjoy your meals knowing that all of the work has been done for you. It’s a win win for all!

jess with salmon dish in hand
salmon on bed of asparagus and rice
slice of cake with nuts
salmon close up
salmon close up
salmon close up

Advantages of a Personal Chef

salmon close up


Having a Personal Chef in your home means you will have someone with food knowledge and culinary experience cooking customized meals for you and your family.


Busy day? Skip the to go line. Personal Chefs will not only reduce your stress, but will ensure that you and your family will be eating healthy after a long day.


How many times have you purchased food at the grocery store just for it to go to waste? A Personal Chef will provide the right amount of fresh food and quality ingredients for each meal. Don’t forget. A Personal Chef is a professional and knows the best ingredients to for the best tasting meal. You can also say good-bye to processed or packaged food when you hire a Personal Chef.


Go around the world in one week….well kind off. Try new, expertly prepared recipes from a variety of cuisines. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a variety of palate-pleasing meals?


Convenience we get. Saving time? Even better. Skip meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking AND cleaning when you hire a Personal Chef.


Diets, allergies, food sensitivities – the list of health benefits from hiring a Personal Chef is extensive. Not only can a Personal Chef prepare foods specifically for your diet, chronic disease, etc., but just the ease of having someone to help may also improve your health.